5 reasons to apply now for Work and Travel USA


Work and Travel USA

If you have heard from many friends that it is too early to enroll in the Work and Travel program, we have prepared for you 5 reasons that contradict this “student myth”. You may have heard from several friends saying “Wait for the jobs to appear” or “You have time to register from the second semester after the session”, so below we leave you some plausible arguments that will make you think twice.

  1. The sooner you sign up, the price of the program is much lower, because it increases during the Work and Travel season, the costs change and we also think about your pocket not to suffer too much.
  2. Because we like fairness, we go on a first-come, first-served basis! The best paying jobs are available faster than croissants at a Mega next to a corporate office. If you register as early as possible, you can opt for a well-paid hourly job and in the location you want the most, making sure you still get places.
  3. The sooner you apply, the easier it will be for you to collect documents, choose an employer and hold an interview with him. By doing this, you have more time to focus on the session, which every year comes with new surprises.
  4. Every penny counts, that’s why we advise you to sign up for the Work and Travel experience in order to finish as soon as possible with the bureaucracy that everyone is running away from and to get your plane ticket in time. We take care of this to find you a return ticket, at the lowest possible price, but it depends on you how fast and determined you are!
  5. Another important reason to register sooner is that “Winter is coming!” and at least the thought that in a few months you will be at the beach with a mojito in your hand and your wallet quite swollen, to keep your soul warm for the cold winter that is coming.

If we made you curious, register now online and let’s talk more about what your summer could look like!



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