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Coventry - WEF 2019



Let us briefly introduce you to this top university and say more about it. Since 1843, at Coventry University, they have been trying to inspire all their students in their development and finding a suitable career, and this year 175 years of teaching will be celebrated. But the reason why it is exciting to be a student at Coventry University is much more …

Why to choose Coventry University for your higher education?

✪ 97% of students find a job within 6 months after their graduation.
Their Employment and Career Development Center is committed to providing student internships and summer internships for students to better prepare for a successful career and later highlighted in the labor market. They also work closely with some of the world’s leading organizations and companies – Jaguar Land Rover, GE Aviation, PwC, DHL and Intel are just some of the employers who have hired their students over the last years after graduation.
✪ Coventry University is trying and doing their best to help students understand that their investment has paid off.
✪ Provides a quality learning environment. Their resources are investing in their university and campus all the time to provide the students with the most up-to-date facilities, completely new learning environments and state-of-the-art technology. The reason for this is that innovation is crucial to what they are doing.

✪ Announced the University of the Year on the basis of student experience. They are always focused on providing the right support to students – listening to student feedback, they want students to make sure that the time they spend with them is the best and most effective!
✪ Offers study in a dynamic and interesting city. You will study in a city that was proclaimed the European Sports City in 2019 and the Culture City of Great Britain in 2021. We can not wait to see what new opportunities and challenges will give us these titles!
High-quality teaching, focus on future employment, strong links to industry, and innovative approaches continue and teach their principles and some of the most important things they want to offer to their students. They are devoted to investing in the future of their students and want to provide them with an ideal environment and learning support and skills development that will change their lives during and after the end of the study.
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