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Sterjonel Dodi


I remember it as a year ago today I was looking for a consultancy agency to study abroad. Once contacted several offices, then I selected Integral. Today I realize that I made the right decision.
Integral offered not only with information on different colleges, but also helped me for the preparation of documents, facilitating the contacts until my academic preparation for IELTS. After the disclosure of some possibilities, I decided to study International Foundation Programme, a new one year program, of LSE that prepares students for prestigious UK universities. What made this program different from Albanian schools was the maximum attention focused on small classes, the development of critical thinking and the presence of a person (Personal Tutor) who observes the ‘academic progress throughout the academic year. Furthermore they provide assistance in applying for universities. The whole program was at the same time challenging as well as rewarding. For example, in my class all received more than two bids from the Russell Group universities.
For me it was a really, really special year, that in addition to my academic growth has given to me even more intense friendships that go beyond the borders of Europe.