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Klint Salati


Till now  everything has gone very wellfor me. The University is great  in every aspect, starting with the campus which is amazing and everything is well organized. Regarding academic matters, the teachers are very professional. Even though you might be in a class with +100 people the teachers have special meetings during the week when you can consult and ask for help in case you need it etc. If you need help for any subject you don’t feel confident about there are tutors which are always eager to help in every moment. (more clearly they make everything more easy) The campus that I mention above its extremely big, you can find everything that you ask for, starting with shopping malls, sports center and every day there are events and activities in which you can get involved. Regarding the students, there is a diversity of them from all over the world and in general most of them are very friendly. Every student has to fullfill a various number of general  classes in order to choose a specific field (which means from the moment that school starts you have at least 6 months to decide that in which  specific field you want to study).