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Armedin Kuka


I am Armedin Kuka, from Shkoder, ALBANIA.

I have always been wishing and dreaming for studying in England. 
After searching and got information at “Integral Education Programs”, I decided to apply for the best school, Cambridge Tutors College (CTC).
At last, my dream came true because the school accepted me as one of their students and I won a scholarship.
I mostly spend my time studying daily subjects that I have at school, getting prepared for the science Olympiads, where I’ve been given awards too. Only this year I participated in one of them and I got awarded the first price.
The time left I enjoy playing basketball, which is my hobby. 
During summer vacations I study extra for subjects I am interested in such as: maths, physics and IT.
I would like to advise every student that talent isn’t enough if you want to achieve something in life.
We must work hard and have the will to achieve the results we want to! 
My dream for the future is, after finishing the CTC, continue the studies in the Cambridge University, for science and engineering. 
I thank CTC for accepting me and offering me a scholarship.
I would advise all the students of my age to go in for CTC, the school that makes the dreams of all students come true!