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Golden Gate Camp, Bulgaria

Age: 12-17 years old
Accommodation: Campus
Lessons: 30 hours a week
Arrival / Departure: Sunday – Saturday
Period: July 8 – August 4
Duration: 2-4 weeks
Groups: 20-25 students
Level: minimum A1

The price includes:
• 30 Hours Of Interactive Learning Courses
• Lodging at the camping houses of Youth Camp Hotel Brigantina
• Over 25 afternoon and evening activities
• Access To Beach With In Walking Distance
• One All Day Weekend Excursions
• American and Fluent English Speaking Instructors
• Full Board Accommodation – 4 Meals Per Day
• Professional Counselors And Entertainers
• All Admissions and Cover Charges
• Special Guest Speakers From The USA
• Guest Musicians, Artists And Entertainers From Across The World
• First Aid Traiing by Certified Professionals
• Qualified Sports Coaching And Activity Instruction

Fee: 2 weeks – 750 Euro


The Golden Gate Summer Camp is an international American summer school for teenagers aged 12-17. The program combines English language learning with activities that stimulate the mind and body. These activities include sports, art, photography, beach activities, etc. During the evening a series of activities are organized to develop leadership and social skills.

Situated on the Black Sea in the beautiful coastal resort of Albena, our Location is at the Kids Camp Brigantina. Our goal is to the deliver the same American summer camp model to your teenager at a price you can afford, and at a distance you are more than comfortable with.


Youth Camp Hotel Brigantina owns 25 houses. Each house has three double-bed rooms, en – suite, two cupboards, a sofa and a desk, air conditioning, a porch and chair porch, Wi-Fi, and everything else needed for a comfortable stay. Houses are cleaned every day and linens are changed once a week.

Sports and leisure program

From Monday through Friday, after lunch, all students get to choose an afternoon activity that they would like to take part in. The students will be able to choose a different activity each day. These include sports, arts and crafts, photography, cooking classes, beach sports activities and more. All activities will require the students to communicate in English, come up with strategies to perform well, and organically develop strong friendships with students from all over the world..


In the spirit of rewarding students for their hard work and to refresh their energy, on the first Saturday students will take part in an all-day excursion. All the campers and the entire staff will go together to relax and enjoy a day of fun.


All Courses are taught in American English led by native speakers, with whom students won’t focus solely on grammar, but instead more on social skills, creativity, and on student taking an innovative approach. Students will choose two of the courses below and will master each, spending three hours per day in a classroom setting.

• Drama
• Journalism & Creative writing
• College Preparation
• Introduction to Business
• Communications and Cultural Behavior

The purpose of this course is to develop and synthesize advanced elements of theatre arts into final production using various media, techniques, and processes. Some of the main concepts that will be learned include without limitation; acting and characterization, improvisation, theatrical terminology, movement, vocal production, auditioning and casting. Upon completion, you will be able to: demonstrate the use of advanced acting techniques, improvisation, and character analysis to reflect internal and external qualities of a character, as well as the period, style, and culture of the production. Understand how actors, directors, and designers create and refine dialogue and stage directions that convey the playwright’s intent, and so much more.

Journalism & Creative Writing 
This course introduces students to the fascinating world of print and online media. Law, ethics and the history of journalism will complement the major units of study: reporting, writing, editing, photography, advertising, design, management and teamwork. The majority of the course will help to develop and improve writing in a variety of styles and formats for a range of different mediums. Voice, tone, syntax, vocabulary, structure, and editing techniques will all be addressed in a writing workshop atmosphere. By the end of the course, students will be able to: have a better understanding of the general skills needed to be able to communicate in either the print or online media. A particular emphasis is placed on understanding the legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities inherent in the free press. Additionally how to polish a piece of writing in an attractive, inviting manner – including headlines, graphics, imagery, and much more.

Communications & Cultural Behavior
This course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge about communication theory and practice. It creates an awareness of the role communication plays in our interpersonal relationships. Students will be introduced to basic models, definitions, and approaches to interpersonal communication and public speaking. Some areas presented include perception, self-concept, self-disclosure, conflict, verbal and nonverbal communication, and ways for improving communication competence. The students will also gain an understanding of what culture is as the background influence that shapes our perception and experience of reality. The students will develop their cognitive, emotional and behavioral Cultural Intelligence through role plays and cases. Students will learn that understanding other people and other cultures and being able to communicate to them (in English) is a pre-requisite for future success.

College Preparation
Thе main focus of this course is to give each student the tools and knowledge to prepare their Applications for universities in Europe or the USA. The course teaches the students how to research universities, understand the long and complicated process of a college application, how to find the right college that fits their needs, learn about financial aid and scholarships available for them, learn how to improve their chances of getting to the right college, and create a one year plan to meet and complete all the requirements needed to succeed in getting into a good college. Furthermore, the course will also focus on a fundamental part of the application process, the Personal Statement. The teacher will spend a good amount of time on how to write a successful and well-structured personal statement. After all, for most universities, the personal statement is sometimes over 50% of the qualifying criteria to get in.

Introduction to Business
This class introduces business concepts and skills needed in today’s competitive environment. Problem solving is a crucial element in this class as students examine current business issues. The class covers how businesses operate, and help students understand the many fundamental ways in which a business affects people, society and the environment. Included in this course are several business areas -finance, accounting, operations, management, business law, and global markets – and how these areas connect to each other and how they relate to the world in which we live. Students will also learn about the actual activities involved in creating goods, services, and profit and why some companies seem to be more effective and profitable than others.

You are what you eat

This course will help you study nutrition from a few points of view: how the food is grown and what impact it has on the environment, how it is produced and distributed, how it affects our body and the well-being of the community where we live in. The program is suitable for those who are eager to learn more about food and those who want to improve their diet according to the principle: “You are what you eat”.

Application Deadline – March 31, 2018!