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Summer Schools

Academic Summer at Sidcot
Experience the most beautiful experience of your life! Learn and have fun!
The group travels with an escort from Albania

Age: 7-12 years and 13-18 years
Accomodation: campus
Study: 30 or 40 hours/week
Arrival/departure: Saturday – Saturday
Period: 5-19 August
Study level: 7-12 years, A2
                    13-14 years, B1
                    15-18 years, B2

About school
Sidcot School is located in southwest England, just 20 minutes from Bristol Airport and approximately 2 hours from London. The school is equipped with a swimming pool, horse riding track, Wi-Fi, library, art center and modern cafeteria. The courses develop the necessary skills for study, give students the opportunity to become familiar with the terminology used and include the study of school textbooks.
About the courses
Children’s Courses (7-12 years old)
The course includes 26 English language classes each week, maths, natural sciences, art and self-development. Teachers are professional and very experienced in teaching children of this age.
Preparation and repetition for IGCSE / GCSE, IB and A-Levels (13-14; 15-18 years)
Students aged 15-18 will attend 4 courses per week, each subject should be selected in advance. They include: arts, theater, music, biology, chemistry, physics, economics and business, design and technology, history, English, essay writing, introductory skills, literature, mathematics, computing and IT, media technology, psychology, knowledge theory, as well as society and environment. These courses are available depending on the number of students enrolled.
Academic Sports (13-18 years old)
The course combines the practice of various sports such as tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, running, swimming, etc., with professional trainers who teach the theory and philosophy of a particular sport. They also learn how the human body works and the principles of healthy nutrition.
Accommodation for students is done in individual rooms or suitable for two persons. According to the rules, individual rooms are offered for students aged over 16 years. There are also rooms for 3 children or 4 beds. The toilets are shared and located on each floor. On the campus there are common facilities that serve to spend their free time and are equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities.
Excursions, sports and leisure

On Saturdays and Sundays, one-day excursions are organized to Weston-Super-Mare, Thrope Park, Stafford, Oxford, Birmingham, London, Bournemouth, West Midlands Safari Park, Eden Project, Warwick and Bath. Also, half day excursions are organized to Bristol, Berkey Castle, Wood House Park and Cardiff. Students can use the sports grounds of the school which includes the sports hall and the swimming pool. Horse riding in the school hippodrome is offered with an additional fee. The exercises are suitable for all ages and every week you can choose between 2 and 3 hours of riding. During the afternoons and evenings are organized activities such as treasure hunt, shooting, bowling, disco, cinema, barbecue, as well as meetings with the school teachers serving as a complementary to the study program.

 Summer camps are a great opportunity to enjoy communication in a foreign language in a relaxing environment as well as friendly, without realising that you really are learning. At the same time, give to yourself and your child a different vacation and more than a language course.

Focus during summer camp is learning but it alternates with activities and entertainment. For groups of children is the responsible person at the time of who supervise activities at all times because their safety is more important than anything else.

All students registered for the course, are tested to determine the level of knowledge.
Groups are over 15 students, and from different nationalities. Qualified teachers manage to explain in every aspect of interactive vocabulary and language that is taught.

Accommodation is provided on campus as well as at host family.
Each of them has its own specifics. Accommodation on campus is more suitable for children who want to be more independent while accommodation in host families is more suitable for those children who want to know more about culture and prefer to stay in a family atmosphere.