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Scholarship Fund for new boarding students wishing to enter 8th or 9th Grade



Brillantmont International School has set aside a fund, which enables the school to offer scholarships to a limited number of students.

⋘ The scholarship gives a reduction of up to 20% on the school fees for the academic year, for 8th or 9th Grade. ⋙

✪ Scholarship criteria
Students wishing to apply for the scholarship should:
✫ Have a good academic record
✫ Have an excellent behavioural and attendance record
✫ Have a hobby / interest (for example, a sport, music, dance or other)
✫ Display a clear motivation to become involved in life at Brillantmont
✫ Be a good ambassador for their country and open to other cultures
✪ How is the decision made?
The decision to grant a scholarship is based on the criteria outlined above, admissions documents and the interview between the student and the Deputy Director.
✪ How long does the scholarship last?
The scholarship is granted for one school year. If a student wishes to apply for a scholarship for a subsequent year, a new scholarship application must be submitted.
✪ How to apply for the scholarship??
➠ Joining World Education Fair – WEF 2019, by registering in the link below: