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Tilburg University

➽ TILBURG UNIVERSITY ➽ STUDYING IN TILBURG Tilburg University was founded in 1927. It is a research based university and years of experience and tradition, encouraging and preparing students with the professional requirements of the modern world. It is known for its high –quality education, social orientation, and strong campus feeling. Tilburg University is located[...] Read more

Rotterdam Business School

Rotterdam Business School is established in 1990. It was originally called International School of Economics Rotterdam, currently it is part of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Rotterdam Business School it is ranked second in term of people in Netherlands and has the biggest harbor in Europe. The city is established in 1238. Rotterdam Business School[...] Read more

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The main campus of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is located on Johanna Westerdijkplein in a modern building located centrally close to the Hollands Spoor railway station. The building is home to more than 70 (full-time, part-time and dual) Bachelor’s programmes, 10 Master’s programmes and 20 post-graduate programmes, training courses and masterclasses.The Hague University[...] Read more