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Centigrade - professional orientation test



➤ Preview (students aged 14-17 years)

The Preview test helps students identify the areas suited for them, to find out how they could develop skills and be able to get more details about specific areas of interest, to make informed decisions about their future, understand the relevance of the chosen area, the type of career they desired. Analyzing the responses of each individual student, Preview prepares a profile of interests considering 40 fields. In addition, it provides access to MyCareersRoom – a customized online platform, where the student will be able to explore in detail the test results.
The test is suitable for students in grades 9th, 10th and 11th.

➤ Centigrade (students aged 17-18 years)

Centigrade analyzes the student’s interests and provides a list of fields of study and careers, courses and institutions that suit him, makes him understand the requirements of each area and suggest viable options, including options that the student either would not take into account or does not know of their existence. The test also helps students to seek relevant information for the decision making.
Feedback provided by Centigrade comes as a workbook that includes: a list of the first 6-8 fields, courses, institutions and universities, courses and forms of analyzing sites and many other useful resources. The test is suitable 12th graders, but may be supported by the pupils at the end of 11th grade.
Test and interpretation:
It is recommended that the tests be held at Integral Albania offices to be accompanied by a consultant in their interpretation. They can be taken online, interpretation taking place subsequently.
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