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Behind the scenes of group Summer camps



“What’s more beautiful than the feeling of belonging to a group?” (M. T., the father of a 11-year-old)

A group of shared dreams and interests, together with whom to explore new places, take part in multiculturalism, experiment and learn new things, improve at least one foreign language, make friends from all over the world, and grow visibly. Going back home, together with the others, with the eyes and mind wide open and with plenty of beautiful memories. This would sum up the experience of a group Summer camp.
➊ Parents often wonder which would be the most appropriate option for their child – an individual Summer camp or a group Summer camp?
Regardless of the chosen type of Summer camp, the benefits that such experience produces are major, and some of them are described in this article.
The most important difference between the two types is the way of travel:

✥ In a group Summer camp, the child travels along with other Albanian children and with the group leader from Albania (who is usually a teacher or a representative of Integral). From the destination airport, the group is picked up by the camp representatives to be transferred to the campus. Here, the Albanian group will meet with an even larger group of international children coming from all over the world.

✥ In the case of individual Summer camp (whether re-creative, mixed, thematic/vocation or academic), the minor child travels with a member of the airline’s crew through the unaccompanied minor service purchased with the flight ticket. At the destination airport, the Summer camp’s representative will pick up the child on signature basis from the airline company member. The child will be driven by the representative of the Summer camp on the school campus where he will join the international group of children (learn more about travel procedures by contacting one of the Integral consultants).

Gathered from discussions had with parents over the years, the reasons why they choose the group Summer camp option are usually the following:

❂ Educational groups are well suited for the child’s first experience away from home.

“As she hasn’t traveled abroad so far and doesn’t know what to expect from this experience, both my daughter and I thought it would be a better idea to be part of a group of co-nationals. At least she knows whom she will be together with from the beginning to the end and so he will have more courage to embrace the novelty.” (A.R., mother of a 12-year-old girl)

❂ A group Summer camp is an excellent option for those who want to travel with their friends or colleagues and with a Albanian group leader

“Even though my son is already at the third summer camp, he and his friends and colleagues want to travel together this time too. They are old friends, and my son has become accustomed to being with them, sharing his experiences with them all the time, but, in the same time he is always making new friends from all over the world. So, he still manages to practice his English, and anyway during the classes he is surrounded by international students. “(R.S., father of a 14 years old boy)
“My daughter really likes to be with her English teacher who accompanies the group formed by Integral.The teacher is always in a good mood, she has charisma and engages in the recreational activities of the children, outside camp classes. During camp trips she is always there.”(A.R., father of a 13 year old girl)

❂ The presence of the group leader during the journey and during the Summer camp gives children a sense of safety and ensures the emotional comfort of their parents.

“It’s hard for me to know my child gone for two weeks, especially abroad. I would be stressed all the time, I would call my child continuously and I am aware that I would also wouldn’t make him any favor because by not letting him fully enjoy the experience. So, the group camp is the best option for me, especially since I met the group leader in advance, I know a few children with whom he will be in the group… This option is perfect for this time.” (RG, mother of a 10 years old boy)
“My child was simply afraid he would not be able to manage by himself alone and that he would not be able to make friends. If there had not been a group camp option, I do not think I could have persuaded him to accept the challenge of an educational camp abroad. I was so excited to see him returning so confident!”(D.S., mother of a 11 years old boy)

❂ A group Summer camp is the most economical option for camps organized abroad

“I really wanted to send my daughter to Bromsgrove School this year, but we had a limited budget, so I chose the option of a group camp that also takes place at Bromsgrove School, but it has a lower price than the individual option.” (ID, father of a 10 year old girl)

❂ Study groups are always composed of children of different nationalities, both for individual and group Summer camps. As for recreational, creative and sporting activities, they take place in an entirely international atmosphere

For those who want to deepen their experience, focus on studying and practicing the chosen foreign language, for those who want to prepare for exams or for a particular subject or to test the education system in the country where they choose to travel or a particular field, then the individual Summer camp is the answer in the solutions and conditions offered. Of course, sports and hobbies are included, so individual camps are more complex and diversified from this point of view for all age groups, types of passions, or aspirations of development in one direction or another.
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